I Will Liken Him unto a Wise Man

3 Nephi 14:24-27 (See also Matthew 7:24-27)

In this simple comparison of persons is the powerful illustration of one absolute reality:

Rains will fall, Floods will come, and winds will blow!

In other words, there will be opposition regardless of your spiritual status in life. However, it is the outcome of such opposition that will primarily effect. To the righteous, hard as the rain and winds may still be, their houses remain standing, and the connection to the foundation has actually been strengthened, reinforced by the reality that the only thing that allowed that house to continue to stand was its foundation. The foundation, its quality and strength, the builders have very little to do with, except in the choosing of it.

To those who choose to build upon anything other than the Rock, the Lord assimilates them to a foolish man. Because they will build, and they will erect great edifices, but without a foundation of the Rock, there will be nothing to sustain it in times of storm. The opulence, the excess, “the loftiness of the branches,” these things will all come crashing down, and so the Savior warns: “great was the fall of it.”

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