My Personal Knowledge Graph


This is inspired as result of wanting to assemble a list of principles, doctrines, routines, and habits, and as a result of having studied again Alma 32 wherein is detailed the action of planting seeds and developing faith.


In standardized Gospel terminology, this is my testimony – the things that I have personally sought out and know to be true. These are the packets of light, acquired through study and prayer which are true.

Knowledge = Light = Truth = Spirit

The process of acquiring knowledge will be detailed here.  These terms represent the different words that we use to describe the same thing. The importance of assembling this graph is that it helps to increase the likelihood of producing fruit.

In a sense, the scriptures are a knowledge graph that God has prepared for his children. Then why create my own knowledge graph? Because it helps me to see where my holes are. I kind of already have a sense of where my holes in my graph are, but mapping it out will help me to see. There is also an important component  in dates, that as I go assembling my graph, the flow and events surrounding this will hopefully also increase as I can point to key events that lead to particular packets of light.

This knowledge graph starts with personal, eternal truths and then can expand into realms of family, business, vocation, and other areas, which is where the graph is much more lacking.

Going Forward

Then how do I use this tool going forward? With this kind of tool, the power to know which questions to ask, and to record precious instructions when received, will be improved. It can help me know what to do and when to do it.

The Graph

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