I Will Liken Him unto a Wise Man

3 Nephi 14:24-27 (See also Matthew 7:24-27) In this simple comparison of persons is the powerful illustration of one absolute reality: Rains will fall, Floods will come, and winds will blow! In other words, there will be opposition regardless of your spiritual status in life. However, it is the outcome of such opposition that will […]

Post Conference Thoughts and Impressions

It is the morning after the 189th Semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There have been a couple of doctrines that have sunk deep into my being this morning. The most important being choice and agency. Elder Gerrit W. Gong spoke about the choice to marry his wife. Covenant […]

El Espíritu de Dios… es el espíritu de la libertad

Alma 61 Se entiende las cosas diferentes y se justifica las acciones mucho más cuando entendemos la relación entre la libertad y el Espíritu de Dios. La libertad es un derecho que viene de Dios. Hallo este punto interesante porque no se puede justificar el pecado por medio de la libertad. Dios nos da la […]