Watchman, What of the Night?

Isaiah 20, 21

Prophets are what make this thing real. It is what connects humanity to the heavens.

It should be noted the that nakedness (see vs 2) spoken of in Isaiah 20 is generally assumed to be a debasing of garments, not utter nakedness.

In chapter 21, the destruction of so many countries and civilizations goes to demonstrate the futile efforts of nation kingdoms to acquire and preserve wealth and power. The purposes of life are much to the contrary. Should our time be spent in mundane pursuits?

As I sit with these chapters for one more day, I am asking myself: Why does the Lord care about this? Why did he employ his prophets in these prophecies of theses places that were to be destroyed. What am I to learn from this?

Perhaps one of the lessons that I take away from these otherwise abstract chapters in Isaiah is that God is God of the whole earth and all people who live upon it. This extends to those cultures and peoples who have been built up with no acknowledgement or references to the Divine and to those that are completely devoid of the truth. By extension, a prophet is not a prophet only to the believers, but to all people everywhere.

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