The Lord… Will Yet Choose Israel

Isaiah 14

The great difference between the two sides is this: Christ acts for the benefit of others, and as such is made a king to rule over the nations. This is just. Satan acts only for the benefit of himself, and consequently will be consigned at the end of time to the sides of the pit, slightly below those great rulers who subscribed to his self-absorbed doctrines.

There is such a contrast between the two and it is worthy of questioning my own motives by simply asking myself: Am I doing this for myself or for the benefit of others? If I can confidently express that my motives are to the benefit of those around me, then there is power and great strength to accomplish the objectives that stand before me, however impossible they may seem.

This chapter starts with the declaration that “the Lord… will yet choose Israel.”(vs.1) This fore-ordination completely negates the need to be competitive because the Lord’s will is already made known.

Verse 24 builds on this idea: “The Lord of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand:” If we want to be part of something eternal, a work that will never end or be in vain, then it is to align ourselves with God and to participate in His work.

I am reading again these passages this morning, and am brought to consider the peaceful plot of land that the Lord has blessed me with here where I live. I’ve been too much caught up in national events as of late, which are far from me. I have not contemplated enough the peaceful prosperity with which I have been blessed. I have not used it to the benefit of teaching the gospel, establishing Gospel truth here in our home.

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