I Will Proceed to Do A Marvelous Work

Isaiah 29

On my first day of study of this chapter, which coincidentally is in the same week that we are reading about some of the actual events prophesied from Church history, I sent the following notes to Rachel, who was having some particularly difficult exchanges on social media:

So I’m reading in Isaiah this morning, chapter 29, where it says therefore behold I will proceed to do a marvelous work among those people even a marvelous work in a Wonder.
It goes on to say how the wisdom of their wise men shall perish in the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid.
And then two versus later it says surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay.
So I read this and I think of all the commotion in the world right now, like always, and feel the same as I always do that even though man has his agenda, God is the one who’s actually accomplishing his work unbeknownst to man.

This is such an important chapter. Not only for the teachings that are found in this chapter, but for the hope that is given despite the awful, cunning plots of man. The poor, the seekers of truth, shall arrive at the end with the advantage. And even they who did error in spirit and they that murmured shall come to understanding. It will ALL work out in the end.

This chapter reminds me that I am part of a group of people who fear God. I am not on the right or the left. I am not seeking for wealth or the riches of this world. God, in His abundance, has provided for a better way.

And what is that better way? It is alluded to throughout this chapter. That better way is in the coming forward (the uncovering and publication) of the Book of Mormon. A voice from the dust. A sealed book that cannot be read. A marvelous work and a wonder.

Re-reading this chapter again on an early Sunday morning, the first thing that impresses me is that the Book of Momron (a voice out of the dust, see Moroni 10:27) is given to redeem Ariel (Jerusalem). We are not there yet, are we?

Isaiah understood the importance and significance of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. If he does not clearly articulate it as such, he is pointing to it nonetheless as the tool of Israel’s redemption. It is the key by which the poor will be brought back to Christ, and the meek are to increase in their joy. (See verse 19)

There are few places in the scriptures where I can point to a prophecy and then link it to a precise historical event. This chapter contains one such instance in verses 11 and 12.

Here is the historical account of Martin Harris taking writings from the “sealed book” to Charles Anton in New York: Joseph Smith History 1:63-65

Re-reading this chapter just one more time before moving one reinforces in my mind the absolute importance of the Book of Mormon in the Lord’s work of the Last Days. This is the key that the Jewish nation needs, and beyond them, to all the scattered house of Israel. The Book of Mormon is the means by which the promises made by the Savior in his Sermon on the Mount are to be fulfilled. This is how the poor and the meek shall inherit the earth and every good thing, and be prepared to meet the Lord at his coming. This chapter is such a strong testimony or witness for the Book of Mormon, God’s special tool prepared to bring us back to Christ, to all who will receive it.

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