“…Because the Lord Had Cursed the Land”

Mormon 1 (en espaƱol)

Ammaron finds Mormon as a 10 year old youth, and give him a singular charge to make a history of this people at the age of 24. Are these arbitrary years? Was there something about the timeline of the people that was important for Mormon to record 14 years into the future. Or did it have something more to do with Mormon’s own personal development and Ammaron’s perceptions of human development. Joseph Smith after 10 years of preparation, organized the Church when he was 24 years old. The age of 24 is pointed to by childhood development psychologists as the end of adolescence and the beginning of adulthood. Was Ammaron aware of the subtle shifts of reasoning and ability that take place around this age? Possibly.

War prevails upon the land followed by a period of peace, but the real loss happens when the Lord takes decisive action to remove his disciples and his spiritual gifts from the people. Did the people even realize that this had happened? No, it was of no importance to them. Their priorities were elsewhere. It was sin and disbelief that brought about the withdrawal of the gifts of the Lord.

Mormon, at the age of 15, comes to know the Lord and to taste of and understand the kindness (or goodness) of Jesus. This event happens when general wickedness prevails and the default tendency is for sin and disbelief. Mormon wants to share his discovery with those around him, but he cannot because of wilful rebellion.

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