Special Study: the Lord’s Timing

I am brought to consider the “inconvenience” of the Lord’s timing in two personal experiences this morning.

  • The decision not to go with Emma to look at a truck earlier this week. The Lord said don’t go, and I didn’t. What’s resulted has been a complete shift in direction for Emma away from the food truck idea.
  • The decision not to postpone having children and a large family in a time and space were contrary to cultural standards. This was both the result of prayer and following prophetic counsel earlier in our lives.
  • The case of Lehi’s family leaving Jerusalem follows a similar trajectory. The Lord’s timing took them away from comfort and worldly goods.

I am trying to find words that articulate all this. Trust in the Lord and lean not unto thy own understanding.

Then on the flip side, the Jewish people of Nephi’s day had evolved into such a wicked people that they had rejected all the Lord’s timing/blessing for his people. See 1 Nephi 19:13.

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