Post Christmas Ideas 2018

At the end of Christmas day this year, I’m taking a moment to collect a few thoughts that I will hopefully remember for next year.

I really like Christmas, especially with the focus on CHRIST. I can prepare more to celebrate that and help others to celebrate that as well.

Christmas is as much about the experience that we have together as a family as it is about anything else.

Our Christmas are the ones that we don’t spend large amounts of money intentionally keeping the gift giving and receiving aspects of the holiday simple.

Give the kids opportunities to earn money to give gifts, or provide supplies to make crafty gifts.

Host a community Christmas party for the elderly, or stage one at a senior care facility.

Christmas doesn’t come from a store. You cannot buy or spend your way into Christmas.

Help Rachel to complete Christmas preparations before December. What activities would help us focus more on Christ and the true spirit of the season?

This isn’t about making a pretty presentation. It’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Help an elderly friend to setup and take down their Christmas decorations.

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