God’s Love

An interesting dynamic was observed yesterday as I was fasting and praying about my own children as a group. I noticed that when my children choose to listen to and obey what I ask them to do, they feel happier and they tell me that they love me. On the contrary, those that push against […]


When you CHOOSE to Disconnect from social media, video, music, and gaming influences: You OPEN yourself up to be influenced by Peace, Harmony, Humility, Love, Kindness, Joy, Self Worth, Accomplishment, Esteem, Self Respect, and more. Try It! The challenge: go one month without media influences. Focus on creation and what you can do with your […]

On Decisions

Decisions Determine Destiny Where we end up in life is largely determined by the first steps that we take. We don’t climb a mountain by swimming in shallow waters. We don’t cross an ocean, by building sand castles on the shore. You cannot eat an apple all at once, only bite by bite. Our day-to-day […]