There Is No Peace… to the Wicked

Isaiah 57

This chapter starts with a consideration of the state of the righteous at the point of death. Isaiah points out that none really give the demise of the righteous much thought. But the blessings that follow the righteous, this is the end of it all, or in other words, this is the point of life: To be prepare for death and what lies beyond!

There was a quote somewhere in a recent General Conference talk that said something to the effect of the reason why he lived so long was because he was so prepared to die. (*add reference)

Joseph Smith received of the Lord some additional insight into this thought:

Behold, blessed, saith the Lord, are they who have come up unto this land with an eye single to my glory, according to my commandments.

For those that live shall inherit the earth, and those that die shall rest from all their labors, and their works shall follow them; and they shall receive a crown in the mansions of my Father, which I have prepared for them.

Doctrine and Covenants 59:1-2

There is clearly something more that we ought to be preparing for.

Verses 3 – 9 are a clear set of accusations against a group of people who are lost in sin. Sin, such as the grievous claims that were laid against this people (sacrificing their own children to dumb idols), put a clear stop to personal progress. Fortunately, things are different today. But are there other dumb idols to which we voluntarily sacrifice our children to?

This is instructive on several different fronts though. Learning to judge between right and wrong, what actually is sin, and what is only facade/personal preference, is extremely important.

To understand that there is another Being who is more keenly interested in our success and well being, even more so that we ourselves could ever be, this is to begin to comprehend the greatness of our Eternal Father. And this is the ironic state in which the wicked find themselves: seeking their own self-conceived definition of personal interests, utterly alone. Strangely though, these efforts of self definition seldom scratch the surface of our true identity or understanding of those things that would bring us the greatest joys. And the painful reality is that we choose to walk alone, unaided by the divine, when He is willing and able and ready to assist all those who are of a contrite and humble heart.

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