Redeemed without Money

Isaiah 52

I don’t know why this chapter or rather many of the passages in this chapter are familiar to me. I am very much acquainted with the words of these prophecies. Beyond this, I feel the Spirit of the Lord so strongly testifying of the reality of these statements found throughout this chapter, especially as it pertains to NOW.

The answer, at least in part, to the above musing is because this chapter is quoted in other parts of the scriptures. It is not found in its entirety, but in groups of verses, notably in 3 Nephi 20, starting in verse 36.

“My People Shall Know My Name”

This is a key in the Gathering of Israel in the last days. Those that are gathered will be gathered by the name of Christ. (See verse 6) Isaiah doesn’t mention Christ by name, but Christ points to Isaiah as speaking of Him. 3 Nephi 20 gives greater clarity in the significance of this prophecy (see verse 31).

“Sold for Nought… Redeemed without Price”

Presently, I am tempted to do this (sell myself for nought) in contemplation of a newer car purchase. Not really, but the option of financing a vehicle is a reminder of an unnecessary debt, which limits the freedoms that I have to do as I please with my time. Redeemed without price, the scripture says, this is true, but not without work.

Side tangent: The Sabbath Day is the Lord’s Day

(I’m enjoying a clarity of thought this morning – 14 Jun 2021 – which is allowing a lot of puzzle pieces to fall into place in rather rapid succession.)

The key to keeping the Sabbath Day holy is to to turn from doing what we want on this one day of the week, to do doing what the Lord would want us to do on this day. But this only works if we want to be doing what the Lord wants us to do. A Sabbath Day observance cannot be compelled upon anyone. It cannot be forced. So if you or I don’t want to keep the Sabbath day Holy, or if I don’t want to do what the Lord would have me to do on His Holy Day, then I am lost. It is in the desire that the first steps towards observance are found.

The blessing of the Sabbath Day are abundantly documented in the scriptures. Peace, temporal prosperity in the land, increased light or understanding. These things are withheld from those who do not honor the Sabbath Day.

Beyond words, I’ve re-read verse 1, and have seen in my mind’s eye and felt in my heart deep things: Zion was and Zion will return. Jerusalem has a place of glory at the end of times. When that day comes, there will be no unclean thing to come there in. There is a glory that defies description that will rest there, not a superficial presence, but a power that is both deep and real.

This is the way things are. However unfair, or at whatever disadvantage the unbelieving have because they will not believe what they cannot see, it doesn’t change the reality of truth, the reality of how things really are.

I have jumped ahead to chapter 53. The path of the righteous is not an easy path. I’m suddenly looking at those whose lives were cut short in the service of the Lord as being perhaps a bit more in harmony with the Lord, bearing that cross with Him.

Redeemed without money, yes, but oh the work required to bring to pass the salvation promised. This is where Chapter 53 is going.

I am sitting just a little longer with Chapter 52. What do we have in chapter 52? It is a collection of brief statements of truth and prophecy pertaining to the reestablishment of Zion and the salvation offered of the Savior. The two topics are of intertwined correlation. Without an atonement and the Savior’s sufferings and sacrifice, there could be no Zion. So while the world grapples with what form of government is best: capitalism or socialism, kings will be brought to consider what they hadn’t before, that the key component of any government equation, especially in establishing a people able of self-government, is Christ as a redeemer at the center of the organization.

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