Great is the Holy One of Israel

Isaiah 12

I read these verses about the Millennial Day, and the Spirit of the Lord pours over me in abundance this morning. This is a great reminder of things to come: a time when the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord; of the things that He accomplished and His doings throughout the earth.

I am sure that the time in which we live will be referenced: how the world thought we were spinning out of control, how the Lord was able to push forward peacefully the Gathering of Israel in the midst of the confusion. Greater things are to be accomplished in our day than in the time of the Exodus from Egypt and 40 years in the wilderness. At the end of our time, we will have those that come forth in garments made white through the blood of the Lamb, and others seeing it, will ask were did these come from? (See Revelation 7:15)

This chapter also emphasizes how Christ, the Lord, the Holy One, is at the center of all in the Millennium.

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