The Wickedness and Abominations Which Are Among You

Helaman 9

In very dynamic fashion, Nephi demonstrates that prophets are fully aware ” of the wickedness and abominations which are among you. ” Suddenly my respect and appreciation to God for calling prophets in our day has increased. That their guidance and council keeps us safe from those influences that would destroy us is true. You cannot wrest with the worlds or guidance of a prophet of God and come out on safe ground.

The opposing judges in these verses again demonstrate their unorganized attacks against Nephi. Their claims are across the board from trying to condemn, to bribery with money and promises to free him if he will devulge the murderer. They simply refuse to believe that God would reveal it unto him.

Heláman 9

Hay niveles de rectitud. No sea que fácilmente nos puede medirlas, pero la realidad es que hay tiempos en nuestros vidas cuando somos más fieles que otros. También, hay algunos que son malos, y deben ser buenos. Hay blanco y negro, pero satanás nos haría creer que solo hay gris.

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