Thoughts and Impressions, 6 March 2016

In no particular order, the following notes are a collection of personal thoughts and inspiration received over the past 36 hours as a result of personal studies, hard work, and participation in Sunday church services:

  • The value of work – the Lord calls those who are already engaged in the work. Christ choose his apostles from fishermen, men who were actively working.
  • The devil on the other hand selects his servants from among the idle and lazy.
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ can only be experienced by obedience.  A testimony is only gained by obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Even when my wife is wrong, she is right. The same can be said of our priesthood leaders: even when they are wrong they are right. The issue is not so much if what our leaders or spouses  are doing is correct, as much as it is whether or not we are willing to sustain them or in other words, love them.  The past 36 hours has shown me who I am really married to and what I can do to be more supportive.
  • Our call to Gila Bend was as much for us and me as it was to serve the people of Gila Bend. It has been a call for me to learn to follow the commands of the Lord through his servants.
  • Rain or shine, we will give praise to God.
  • Be courageous. Be bold. Stand for moral and family values. These things are being destroyed. Stand to defend them in your work.  Be more bold about testifying of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The heart of effective Gospel teaching is loving and serving other. There is a reason why gospel teaching happens in small groups, classes of 5 to 10 people. Love, serve, visit, and become aware of the needs and likes and dislikes of those you teach.  Encourage home visits among those you instruct to be better teachers.  Review Pres. Monson’s March 2016 First Presidency message on teaching.
  • FHE- Faith in Christ (John 11:22-28) and the Value of Hard Work (Christ calls fishermen)
    • Prepare Lesson Shortly.

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