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Doulas as a Symbol of Christ

Just wanting to pen a few notes at the end of my morning study in Alma 26:8-16. It strikes me how the work of a doula (a trained birth attendant) is in many ways very similar to the work that Christ did in at least two key ways. Doulas are teachers or educators. Doulas are servants to women and families. This duality of roles that seem to stand in contradiction to each other is one of the fascinating aspects of a the work of the doula. On the one hand, they do hold a position of knowledge above and beyond commonly held conventional wisdom. Yet at the same time being placed in that position of authority, they also have the distinct assignment of servant to those who employ their services.  There is a self-imposed grace or humility that doulas must take upon themselves to be effective in their work.

Sacrifice in Business

I’ve gone from considering Saul’s conversion and the sacrifices of the early members of the meridian church.

“and when he falls he shall rise again, for his sacrifice shall be more sacred unto me than his increase, saith the Lord.”

Later in the same section:

“and in the due time he shall be made a merchant unto my name, saith the Lord, for the benefit of my people.

“Therefore let no man despise my servant Oliver Granger, but let the blessings of my people be on him forever and ever.

“And again, verily I say unto you, let all my servants in the land of Kirtland remember the Lord their God, and mine house also, to keep and preserve it holy, and to overthrow the moneychangers in mine own due time, saith the Lord. Even so. Amen.”

(I feel that this is given to me this morning, and that the word “merchant” could easily be replaced with “producer”.)

Business Inspiration from the Scriptures

22 Dec 2016

Not sure where to pen these thoughts from scripture study, but they are more business related, or so it would seem. I am lead to consider again the verses from 2 Nephi 32.

Verse 3 – “the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.”

This is the best business advice that I could receive, and this morning, it is true more than ever.

I have another scripture on my wall,
“Better is a little with reighteousness than great revenues without right.” Proverbs 16:8

-This is huge, because priority is almost always given to activities that generate the highest revenues. A proper relationship to money gives us tools to produce without a debilitating obsession of such. –

There is more “gold,” especially sound business doctrine in Proverbs 16, notably versese 3 & 9. Both of which cross reference to other sets of scripture that also have sound business counsel.


It is the Lord’s purpose to bring about repentance, even in His inter-minglings into business affairs.