Goals for Gospel Discourse

Preamble: The purpose of these goals is to provide a catalyst for me to respond to the promptingsĀ  that I have received in regards to my duty before the Lord to teach the gospel and to testify of the Lord Jesus Christ. Humbly, I feel overwhelmed by the impression and in trying to find a way to better organize myself before the Lord, I am penning these goals for proposed topics of discourse. I feel urgency in the pointing of others to the Savior and recognize that up until this point in time that I have perhaps been focused elsewhere. This ought not to so be.

The other part of this instruction (prompting) has brought me to consider in my mind’s eye something to do with the dry and dusty regions, which to me seem to be in the region of North Africa and the Middle East. I won’t even begin to explore how impossible such an opportunity is. And yet the Spirit of the Lord urges me to prepare.

Goal #1 – Prepare 10 discourses on various gospel topics.

  • 3 typed pages in length.
  • 3 months to complete this assignment(24 June 2013).

List of 10 Discourse topics:

  1. Christ, Covenants, and the Children of Israel
  2. All Things Testify of Christ: The Mission of Little Children
  3. Christ and the Marriage Covenant
  4. Apostles and Prophets: Special Witnesses of the Savior Jesus Christ
  5. Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Church of Christ
  6. The Book of Mormon: The Tool of Gathering for Israel
  7. Christ’s Teachings on Purity, Virtue, and Cleanliness
  8. Christ and Creation
  9. The Cleansing Power of Christ’s Atonement
  10. Faith Centered in Jesus Christ


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