Immediate Family Stories

Empty Gas Tanks

Christmas Miracles

Christmas 2005 Car Repair

In 2005, we lived in Provo, Utah. It was the first Christmas after I had graduated from college at BYU. We had purchased a home in Provo. (How?) We had plans to go visit my parents in Colorado Springs for Christmas.

(Separate story) The week before, we were driving to Salt Lake City. The car broke down on the way to Salt Lake.

Christmas 2011

Rachel’s Car Accidents

Gifted Furniture

Home Purchases

Provo House Buy

Maricopa House Buy

Marshall House Buy

The 15-Passenger Van Purchase

The Rescue from Girl’s Camp

Rachel’s Experiences with Emma

The Miracle Garden in Maricopa

The flooding that resulted in a bumper crop.

Dad and Aaron’s Adventures to Arizona in 2020 during COVID Pandemic

  • Car Troubles
  • Rescuing Emma
  • Penelope at 16 months