“We Believe in Being Chaste”

“We Believe in Being Chaste,” by Elder David A. Bednar

The Importance of a Physical Body

“Simply stated, there are lessons we must learn and experiences we must have, as the scriptures describe, according to the flesh.”

1 Nephi 19:6, Alma 7:12-13

We are spiritual beings. And if we remained only as spiritual beings we would not have the experiences of living in a mortal body. I ask myself, can I really distinguish between my body and my spirit. Do I know the difference, and do I understand why Christ had to come in the flesh to save us from our sins?

Difference between the Natural Man and the Man of Christ

Helaman 3:29 – The word of God will lead the Man of Christ across that gulf of misery prepared to ensnare the wicked. There is a punishment prepared or affixed for wickedness.

Alma 38:12 – Bridle all your passions (natural man appetites), that ye may be filled with love (spiritual inclinations to do right).


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