“Sell All That Thou Hast and Distribute”

Yesterday, I was asked to help with a move. The purpose for the move was to gather all their earthly possessions and get them safely to their new home.

I had found out about only the night before. Or so I thought. Near the end of the move, I overheard a family member remark “That is why I’m never getting a divorce.” Out of context? Not appropriate? Perhaps, but then I started putting puzzle pieces together, I realized that I had met the husband nearly 9 months ago at a scouting activity. Perhaps, if I had done more 9 months ago to become acquainted with this man when I had first met him, much earlier in his timeline, I might have been able to prevented a last minute phone call informing me of a move.

Luke 18:18-27

Remember the story of the rich, young ruler who had done kept all the commandments from his youth. Yet the one thing that seemed impossible for him to do was to take of his temporal possessions and give them all to the poor.

I wonder if too many of our marriages fail for that very same reason. How many of us are too much attached to our temporal possessions and yet we do not give enough of our time to the one possession, our family, which is of greater need of our time than any of our earthly pursuits.



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