Evening Routine

Considering that my evening activities often detail my productivity in the day-time hours, I am establishing the following rules and observations.

Activities after 6p.m. should prepare you for tomorrow, or you know and willingly choose to take from the following day.

Dinner Rules:

  • Avoid starches and sugars.
    • Very light servings of breads or pastas.
    • Desserts should also be small, modest portions.
  • Limit to one portion or serving.
  • Avoid making yourself lethargic at dinner.
  • Focus on the dinner conversation and time to connect with family.

Evening Activities to do as soon after 6p.m. as possible:

  • Family Prayer
  • Personal Evening Prayer
  • Dishes and Laundry (delegate when possible)
  • Brush Teeth
  • Journal Writing

Then carry on with family activities or personal project priorities, until sleep comes.