The Land Shall Be Utterly Emptied

Isaiah 24

This chapter starts with the sober prophecy that “the Lord maketh the earth empty.” This desolation is documented in the subsequent verses and is noted as being all inclusive. In verse 4, the word “languish” is used to document the state of the world and the haughty people who inhabit it. Languish is defined as the loss or lack of vitality; growing weak or feeble.

Verse 5 is a hinge-point in understanding the cause of the destruction that has come upon the earth. Three indictments are listed:

  • They have transgressed the laws.
  • They have changed the ordinance.
  • They have broken the everlasting covenant.

A quote attributed to Wilford Woodruff sums up my feelings about this chapter, speaking of the Second Coming of Christ:

These, I think, are not his exact words, but they convey the spirit of his reported reply: ‘I would live as if it were to be tomorrow—but I am still planting cherry trees!’”

Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Wilford Woodruff, Chapter 24

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