The City of the Lord, The Zion of the Holy One of Israel

Isaiah 60

(This morning in prayer I was tasked with the assignment to write a description of the city of Zion. Then I came to realize that this is what I am studying presently.)

This chapter starts with a command to “Arise, Shine” but the source of the light that we are to shine is from the Lord. “For thy Light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” We are to be a reflected light source then, not to carry the weight of responsibility to invent our own source of light.

This has me contemplating again how much the principle of light resonates with me personally. And why does it resonate with me? What is the Light? It is Christ, the personal and compassionate One. So the thing that attracts all the world to Israel, or Zion, is the glory of the Lord that is upon them/us. What does this look like? What does this feel like?

The abundance of many nations and the seas are brought in to Zion as a result of the attraction that is felt towards this light. Resources are gathered in abundance.

The gates of Zion will be continually open, both day and night, and this that the forces of the Gentiles maybe brought into it. The Hebrew translation suggests “wealth” in place of “forces”. There are a lot of questions here that I am not asking. See also Revelation 21:23–26.

The glory of the Lord will be upon the City of Zion so that there will be no night. (When will people sleep?) Why does Zion become the center of material goods and wealth? Because Zion knows how to distribute resources to where they are needed. This is the welfare program applied to a global economy!

Zion won’t produce garbage. Because they will not be concerned with money (so long lucifer!), the quality of the output will not be influenced by a “bottom line.”

The remainder of this description of Zion talks about it being brought up under the nurture of the Gentiles, but that Zion will know that is the Lord that leads them. (See vs. 16) Interesting features make Zion stand out or apart: A land where violence is far away from it. A city that is hid from the sun and moon because is is self-light by the everlasting light of the Lord. All found within Zion will understand and live righteously. It will start small, but grow from a small one to a thousand! The Lord will hasten this work in its time.

How then would I describe Zion? (This feels like the wrong question. I either need to get to this study earlier in the day, or figure out what the right questions are to understand this chapter. )

Here’s a better question: What does this chapter teach me about hope in Christ? How does this chapter increase my hope in Christ?

(Go study about Hope!)

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