Sought Out, A City Not Forsaken

Isaiah 62

In verse 2, on the first day that I studied this chapter, I went down this side study on the footnote for “name”.

Reading this, causes me to realize that there is much more at play here than what our present “reality” would have me to believe. These are realities however that are only discovered by the faithful.

Verse 1 starts with this declaration of the Lord: That for the sake of both Zion and Jerusalem, he will not rest or hold back until the righteousness of these cities goes forth as brightness before all people.

This begs me to consider what is righteousness? How will it become so clear to the rest of the world that kings and nations will come recognize it by its righteousness? Rigtheousness is nothing less that the principles of the Gospel of Christ as He taught them to be. The Church has a singular mission in all the modern world of seeing that nothing is held back. Verses 6 & 7 repeat this sentiment:

  • I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night:
  • ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence,
  • And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

I also appreciate the long-term view that these verses present about our time and day. The exaltation of Zion and Jerusalem are the end goals here. Only the teaching and preaching of the Gospel of Christ will get Zion and Jerusalem to their appointed destination. This helps me to see that it may be a lifetime of service that I am called upon to render to assist the Lord in achieving these ends. It will be a great work, indeed, to see Jerusalem eventually awaken to the terms of righteousness. Not in the pretended piousness of generations that have struggled in vain, but to be truly converted to the Lord — can this ever be achieved?

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