Neither Are Your Ways My Ways

Isaiah 55

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me this morning, as is also memories of the “Glory” soundtrack from my youth. This points me to the African nation and peoples of African descent, while also considering the words of this chapter that invite all to come and buy freely.

God is not a transactional God. Neither are the creations which are under his control. Governments and the transactional systems that are setup to maintain such are of temporal concern. There will be no stock markets in the Millennium. It’s not a miracle to overload the nets of a fisherman and more than it is that an apple tree can set enough fruit and more to sustain a household for an entire year. In a moment, God can offset and counterbalance any established system, with abundance or drought.

Peace, peace is being taken from the earth. You are in possession of peace, that peace which comes through Christ.

The conditions that were imposed upon the earth at the Fall of Adam and Eve are reversed or rescinded by the incorporation of the Word of God into one’s life. This may be as true in temporal affairs as it is in spiritual matters.

This chapter is then a set of strong arguments for why one should turn from their wicked ways back unto the Lord.

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