Fear Not

Isaiah 41

This chapter starts with a pickup where the last chapter ended, but having read verse 1 multiple times now, the thought is the same: gardens need time to grow. When the Lord is telling the islands to keep their silence, He’s giving His child the space to grow: “Let them renew their strength.” Give them space to grow in the Gospel light!

Verse 2 talks of a “righteous man from the east” receiving authority over nations. I feel this is a reference to Christ. The subsequent 3 verses are direct reference to this as well.

Verses 6 and 7 talk of neighbors helping and encouraging one another. But on deeper consideration, those that are encouraging each other in these verses are building idols with their own hands.

As I go deeper into this chapter, there is this profound sense of friendship, comradery, and interest from the Lord in those that embark in his service. He is talking to his servant, Israel, the direct offspring of the Lord’s friend, Abraham.

The strongest feelings I have as I review these verses again is the sense that opposition is so minor, so insignificant compared to the strength that the Lord offers. Repeatedly, the Lord tells his servant: fear not.

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