The Words of Isaiah

3 Nephi 20

In Christ’s ministry to the Nephites as recorded in 3 Nephi, there are three times (3 Nephi 16:17–20; 20:11-12; 23:1–3) where the Savior commends the words of Isaiah to our study, stating that these words shall all be fulfilled. Of all the prophets, Isaiah is the prophet that Christ points to as being important to understand. Now this is particularly noteworthy, because the “Isaiah Chapters” of the Book of Mormon are seen by some as the hardest to be understood. It’s also noteworthy because Nephi and Mormon both saw the words of Isaiah as being of enough value to include entire chapters directly within the texts of the Book of Mormon.

It wasn’t Moses, Ezekiel, Abraham, Adam, Enoch, or any of the other ancient prophets. Isaiah is the one that Christ points to as of being of the most worth.

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