This Was Their Secret Plan, and Their Combination

Helaman 2

Combination – an alliance of individuals, corporations, or states united to achieve a social, political, or economic end; two or more persons working as a team


See also Moses 5:18-31

Helamán 2 (in Spanish)

Al contemplar el propósito de convenios y pactos, es para fortalecernos en nuestros debilidades. También nos polariza más al bien o al mal. Los que hace convenios para cumplir con la maldad no son a quien jugar, sino es un asunto de seria gravidad.

The Spirit of the Lord bids me to revisit this chapter before moving on. Here I am reading about Kishkumen’s motives to murder Helaman, the new chief judge. Gadianton had made a promise to Kishkumen and others that if they would place him on the judgment seat, that he would in turn secure their places of power within the government. These high stakes motives were compelling enough for Kishkumen to take action.

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