Except ye repent

Helaman 15

I would not have understood this chapter had I not experienced a day like yesterday. So my context today is different. At the beginning of chapter 15, Samuel warns the Nephites of desolate houses unless they repent. And then as a follow up to that he warns of their women being left behind and perishing, being pregnant. (It’s a very sad thought indeed.)

What is the connection between repentance and stable home life? It is everything!

In verse 2 where it talks of pregnant women being left behind, I asked myself: where are their men? Why are the women being left to fend for themselves and to perish?

There is a lot of healing in this chapter for me. Later on, it talks about the conversion of the Lamanites and how in their strict observance of the law of Moses and the commandments of God; they were also a missionary-minded people.

Helaman 15 (in Spanish)

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