Among the Number Who Where Slain

Helaman 1

This morning I’ve read the first 13 verses and am drawn to the fact that wickedness was protected by covenant or oath.

But then I’m also asking the question, why do we see it as such as wrong thing (we = modern culture) to bind ourselves by covenant especially in matters of righteousness. And why do we equate such actions with the devil. These are tools of serious commitment whether in the hands of God or of the adversary. What is noteworthy is the seriousness of the covenants that these wicked people made to protect themselves, but further, to overthrow the freedoms of the people.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised to consider that the same seriousness of obligation exists today, in who knows what forms of corruption and greed. The opposition in organized.

( I am starting today’s study with a spiritual confirmation that the Lord has prepared a “meal” for me today. It is my challenge to be attentive enough to receive it. )

Vs. 14, by this point in the Lamanite history of opposition, which is actually rebellious Nephite opposition empowered by Lamanites as their pawns, they have learned the importance of physical preparations for war, and their efforts are now exhaustive.

So Coriantumr successfully takes the city of Zarahemla by force. It was the strongest city of the Nephites, but it was poorly defended at the time of the Lamanite invasion, which led to an easy takeover. What was more, there were numerous other internal factors at play that put Zarahemla at a weakened state, making it an easy prey for the Lamanites. Perhaps, most notable is the fact that the Nephite armies were busily engaged elsewhere in the land. This is important to note because it is Coriantumr’s assumption that because he took Zarahelma, he could easily march forward towards the land Bountiful. Attacking the biggest city, in a weakened state of defense, gave Coriantumr a false sense of confidence.

Pride is a powerful motivator. It can enable a man to undertake great and mighty campaigns of wickedness. It can be the source of great false confidence. It can lead a man to his destruction, as was the case of Coriantumr.

Helaman 1:1-13 (in Spanish)

Reflexionando sobre estos versículos me ha causado despartar. Estamos en una temporada de trabajo y peligro, si no actuamos.

Estos son tiempos peligrosos. Esta contención entre el pueblo no vino sin consecuencia. Si debilita la organización por adentro puede atacarlo por afuera también. Me hace considerar la esclavitud que es tan abundante en nuestra tierra hoy día. Me hace considerar como esto se aplica a mi familia. El Espíritu me causa contemplar estos versículos.

Helaman 1:14-34 (in Spanish)

La oposición que se organizó contra los nefitas fue de entre los que antes habían nefitas. Y así es con nosotros, nuestra oposición más organizado es de entre los que una vez pertenecía al pueblo de Dios.

Los atributos que el rey de los lamanitas valuó de Coriántumr fue su fuerza y gran sabiduría– atributos que fueron aparentes por lo superficial. Este punto es de suma importancia. Es la razón por lo cual fracasaron.

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