“Moroni, On the Other Hand, Had Been Preparing”

Alma 48:1-11

I have been tempted as of late to dwell perhaps a little too much on the agenda of the anti-industrialists, assuming that much of today’s maladies are the result of technology and industrialization. I know deep down inside that this is not so, but rather it is man’s abuses of any age that are wrong. Many modern constructs are to be challenged though. Many ideas are still to be corrected.

Long before our present time, Amalickiah inspired the hearts of a people in his civilization to do war against the Nephites. There was no industrialization. There was no technology. And yet people gathered. People were influenced. The social experience was had and people chose one side or the other.

It is Babylon that we are fighting against — seeking for Zion.

Moroni is juxtaposed to Amalickiah in these verses. While Amalickiah is focused on a brute force power grab, Moroni is fortifying the faithful, actively putting into place measures that had never before been known among the Nephite civilization.

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