Into the Land Northward

Alma 63

This chapter has me puzzling quite a bit, because the spirit of the Lord is strong in these verses, but I am not seeing it. I’m not understanding why it is strong.

This chapter gives several accounts of Nephite migrations into the lands that were beyond a narrow stretch of land north of the land of Bountiful. Shipping is discussed briefly, especially as it relates to the enterprising efforts of one man by the name of Haggoth.

I think to myself that this is the human spirit at work. Man’s natural desire to expand, explore, make something new is illustrated here. I think that this happens immediately following the great war between the forces of Moroni and Amalekiah/Ammoron is also significant. After so many years of oppression, here comes a time a growth.

And yet there are some that are lost. Some boats didn’t return.

These verses also feel like post war, early 1950s. Or quiet suburbia, homes build on the outskirts of civilization, people looking for just a quiet spot of land were in to establish their quiet existence. I’m still not sure what these verses are trying to say about all this, as there is no commentary about whether this is good or bad, only that it happened.

Alma 63 (en español)

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