(And He Called It the Title of Liberty)

Alma 46:11-13

Moroni is angry with Amalickiah. Is this a justified angry? It seems to be. If justified, then upon what principles of understanding or knowledge does Moroni take action. In other words, upon what principles does Moroni place his faith (faith unto action)?

Anger is often the result of fear. Fear and faith cannot exist in the same being at the same time. If not fear, than can anger be unto faith? Or can one become angry because of their faith? This is what Moroni seems to be doing. But anger often results in lamentable or regrettable actions. Perhaps only when anger is a result of fear, not faith. A righteous indignation, or anger can produce dramatic or caustic results.

A Title of Liberty

So Moroni rents his coat and lists upon the things that are of most importance to him:

  • Our God
  • Our religion
  • Freedom
  • Our peace
  • Our wives
  • Our children

These are the things that Moroni saw as being threatened by the usurpation of Amalickiah: Faith and Family. He’s not concerned with prominence , power, property, or other possessions.

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