The Plan of Restoration

Alma 41

In verse 2, Alma uses a phrase that is not found anywhere else in holy writ: the plan of restoration.

I say unto thee, my son, that the plan of restoration is requisite with the justice of God; for it is requisite that all things should be restored to their proper order. Behold, it is requisite and just, according to the power and resurrection of Christ, that the soul of man should be restored to its body, and that every part of the body should be restored to itself.

Alma 41:2 (emphasis added)

It’s not my purpose here to assess why this is the only reference to the plan of restoration, but rather to understand what is the plan of restoration. This is the only time that Alma makes use of this phrase, but there are multiple references to this plan to restore by Alma and else where. The Resurrection (of both Christ and us) is  the central event associated with this plan. It is also required for the justice of God to take affect.

To Restore

The following is a list of scripture that expand on this plan of restoration:

…It is requisite with the justice of God that … if their works were good in this life, and the desires of their hearts were good, that they should … be restored unto that which is good.
And if their works are evil they shall be restored unto them for evil. Therefore, all things shall be restored to their proper order, every thing to its natural frame

Alma 41:3-4 (emphasis added)

If he has desired to do evil, and has not repented in his days, behold, evil shall be done unto him, according to the restoration of God.

Alma 42:28 (emphasis added)

He hath given unto you that ye might know good from evil, and he hath given unto you that ye might choose life or death; and ye can do good and be restored unto that which is good, or have that which is good restored unto you; or ye can do evil, and have that which is evil restored unto you.

Helaman 14:31 (emphasis added)

Back to Alma 41, the final two verses sum up the whole purpose of this plan of restoration.

Therefore, my son, see that you are merciful unto your brethren; deal justly, judge righteously, and do good continually; and if ye do all these things then shall ye receive your reward; yea, ye shall have mercy restored unto you again; ye shall have justice restored unto you again; ye shall have a righteous judgment restored unto you again; and ye shall have good rewarded unto you again.

For that which ye do send out shall return unto you again, and be restored; therefore, the word restoration more fully condemneth the sinner, and justifieth him not at all.

Alma 41:14-15

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