Then Shall They Know Their Redeemer… and Then Shall They Be Gathered In

3 Nephi 5

This book was given for the gathering of Israel, or the house of Jacob, and chapter 5 clearly demonstrates that its author, Mormon, was fully aware of the covenant and that purpose for its creation. How important is it to understand that God keeps his promises, and so much of what is happening now correlates with that promise of gathering.

Mormon reveals himself here for the first time as he is explaining the purpose of the book. This is important to me right now, because I’m thinking about the Lord’s admonition to “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16) Mormon is not hiding his light.

3 Nefi 5 (in Spanish)

Ayer, me perdí el primer versículo que dice:

no hubo alma viviente, entre todo el pueblo de los nefitas, que dudara en lo más mínimo de las palabras que todos los santos profetas habían hablado;

Versículo 1

Digo, me perdí, pero tal vez la realidad es que encuentro esta frase un poco increíble. Pero ahora al recordar dos cosas, lo hallo verdadera.

  1. Jeremías 31:31-34, — vienen días, dice Jehová, en los cuales haré un nuevo convenio con la casa de Israel… porque todos me conocerán, desde el más pequeño de ellos hasta el más grande, dice Jehová —
  2. Sin dar referencia a esta cita, Mormon aquí también habla de recogimiento de Israel.

What is the great purpose of the gathering of Israel? What great objective does the Lord propose is keeping this covenant? I think the answer is here:

And then shall they know their Redeemer, who is Jesus Christ, the Son of God; and then shall they be gathered in from the four quarters of the earth unto their own lands, from whence they have been dispersed; yea, as the Lord liveth so shall it be. Amen.

Verse 26

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