O That We Had Repented

3 Nephi 8

Mormon starts us off by asserting the validity of the record by stating that it was a just man that kept the record. The evidence in Mormon’s mind of the author’s righteousness was this:

for he truly did many miracles in the name of Jesus; and there was not any man who could do a miracle in the name of Jesus save he were cleansed every whit from his iniquity.

Verse 1 (emphasis added)

(This statement also gives me another dimension of discipleship, or rather a measuring stick by which to assess spiritual health.) In the mind of Mormon, this particular point of worthiness was important to emphasize. Personal worthiness matters in regards to spiritual power.

It also is instructive to note that up until the day that the signs of Christ death had come upon the people, there was great doubting and disputes as to whether the words of the prophet Samuel would actually come to pass.

There is so much symbolism in what happened with the destruction in the Americas as it correlates to the death of the Savior. Did this destruction come upon the people because of their wickedness? Or was it the natural course of events that resulted because of the Savior’s death. I feel it is both. Prophets came to advise the people of pending destruction; the people were caught up in their day-to-day affairs. Such talk seemed entirely trivial and irrelevant until their day-to-day affairs were utterly interrupted and permanently altered. That which was important was no more.

3 Nefi 8

Hacer Milagros en el Nombre de Jesús

Milagros son hechos que no son entendido por la naturaleza humana. Es decir, Nefi había aprendido como obra según la fé en el Señor Jesucristo. Para los que no entienden como obra según la fe, esto puede parecer milagroso.

Los que quedaban lamentaban que no habían arrepentidos de sus pecados, por causa de la destruccion que ocasionaba a sus familiares. Me parace curioso este perspectivo, porque no lamentaban su propia situación por causa de su propios iniquidades, más bien, el efecto que tuvo en sus familiares.

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