Divided into Tribes

3 Nephi 7

So here in the midst of chaos and virtual anarchy among the people (i.e. people divided into tribes; government overthrown), Nephi continues in his righteousness, being richly blessed of the Lord. The account says that Nephi did minister with great power and authority among the people. The people in turn became angry with him because he had greater power then they (always comparing themselves in their wickedness). So great was the faith of Nephi that “it were not possible that they could disbelieve his words.”

Miracles and signs are sent among the people to confirm faith, especially in times of difficulty or trial, when opposition to the work of the Lord might be greatest. Thus in this season of great opposition to the prophets, Nephi was sustained daily by the ministering of angels. He performed miracles by the power of God.

3 Nefi 7

Versículo 5 dice que en la organización de tribus, la gente cometieron un gran iniquidad. ¿Me pregunta porque? En la organización de tribus se hizo mas cierto una sistema de clases. O sea que la gente fueron organizado de acuerdo a su clase o grupo familiar– una gran desigualdad.

En la destrucción del gobierno, no habia reglas para mantener y proteger la libertad del pueblo.

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