Q & A: 26 September 2018

Q: What are the areas of my life that require my attention today? 

A: Executive Planning. I’m not entirely sure I understand this. The Spirit constrained me from adding business or family to the phrase. 

This is about planning for the next month: financially, strategically, organizationally. This is both personally and business,  since both are dependent upon each other. 

  • What are our executive priorities?
  • What activities do we want / need to accomplish next month? 
  • What are our expected financial obligations to accomplish planned activities?
  • What changes need to be made to accomplish objectives?
  • Can you do this on your own or do you need help?
  • If you need help, how are you going to secure that help? 

Q: What are the questions that I’m not asking, that I should be asking?

A: They have been added to the list above: How am I going to get the help I need when it is needed?

Q: How do I achieve a balanced approach in business activities?

A: Planning, observing, assessment, adjustment, prayer.

Q: Is what I am doing right now helping me to be balanced in my business activities? Is that balance important right now? 

A: coding right now so particular sore spot for me. The answer is in the planning. If I keep my head down in the code for too long without looking at the big picture, I get lost.

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