The Savior’s Discourse on the Signs of the Second Coming

Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 12:37–48; 17:20–37; 21:5–38JST-Matthew 1, Doctrine & Coventants 45:16-59

I am brought to consider the role of the saints, those that would publish peace as part of the fulfillment of the last days. 1 Nephi 13:37 gives clarity to this particular point.

For example, in Luke 21 there are great destruction and calamities foretold, then this set of verses from 12 to 19 that state that the Saints shall ride through these things, boldly testifying of the truth in the moment,  and yet unscathed, that not even a hair of their head shall be lost, and that “In your patience possess ye your souls.”


(How do I articulate what I am feeling as I review these amazing prophecies of the Savior’s concerning the last days and the Second Coming of our Lord? )

Today is October 2, 2014, and I’ve started in Luke 21. Verse 26 says the heavens shall be shaken. The footnotes take me to Isaiah 34:4 and Psalms 102:26.  I am reminded that both the heavens and the earth shall pass away. What does this mean? Does this mean that the atmosphere, with its clouds, storms, and all that is in it, will die out, and be replaced? It seems a strange thing to consider, because unlike the earth, the heavens seem to be in a constant state of rejuvenation, ever changing.

These verses seem to suggest that whatever “hosts,” or forces that rule the heavens this space above the earth that truly does dictate much of our daily affairs, shall be brought to an end.  And God does not cease to be God, and his words even then will remain in place to be fulfilled.

Later in Luke 21, verse 32, an oft confusing verse states that “this generation shall not pass away,  till all be fulfilled. ” The JST footnote clarifies this point. This generation is not the generation in which Christ was then present. Rather, the use of the adjective “this” has reference to the time period in which all these other signs would come to pass. This generation shall not end, meaning that there will be no other time period after this time period (of which we are a part of today) before the Savior comes again. Our world as we know it today, our culture which in no other period of the world has become a global culture, will not end until Christ comes again.  WOW.


3 October 2014 – I’ve added Doctrine and Covenants 45 to the lists of sections that talk about the Savior’s second coming. Zechariah 14 (from the Old Testament)  also gives details about the Savior’s second coming.  Particularly noteworthy is prophecy of light at the Savior’s coming to the Mount of Olives. A day and a night and another day shall pass without darkness when he comes again.  The Saints that have slept will be resurrected at that time and come with Christ in addition to the angels (or maybe they are the same).

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