In thoughts that have been impressed upon my mind this morning, and from comments that I’ve been listening to over the past few days, it seems to me that we are or have already entered into a period in which peace, generally speaking, has been taken from among us.

Now I don’t know where you are at–what your circumstances look like, what challenges lie dauntingly before you. I don’t know what you’re quietly carrying, or maybe it’s not so quiet or hidden. Maybe you’ve been carrying this burden for so long, the hope that anything will change is gone.

What I know, simply, is that the Prince of Peace (Jesus Christ) will triumph individually as soon as we will let Him. In this regard, He waits patiently “at the door” for us to let Him in to our lives. He will triumph universally at the end of this unique period of universal unrest and re-establish peace, Millennial peace!

Let’s return just for a moment to the individual act of letting Christ in to my life. I can only speak by way of personal experience as to how this works for me. The real efforts that I made to let Christ into my life today, included getting on my knees this morning and praying for understanding about feelings and impressions that I had had for the last couple of days. I got up off my knees prematurely, so after a few minutes I returned to my knees again to make sure I was where the Father needed me to be.

Then I did some listening. I could hear something of the truth as I tried to figure out what to pen in my journal about the day that had passed. I then turned to the scriptures which I accessed through a web browser. Taking notes in a blog format, I recorded the feelings of my heart. At the end of this hour of communion, this morning, I found myself in a state of quiet reflection. After struggling to keep the space in my mind uncluttered for several moments, I felt the words “publish peace”. Immediately the words from Isaiah came back to me, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him… that publisheth peace.” (Isaiah 52:7)

Lettuce, gone to seed, in the garden.

Do I feel like I am in a state of despair or devoid of peace? I am not. Can I relate with those that feel that they are in such dark spots? Maybe for a moment, I can recall these feelings (because I have come and gone from such spaces, even recently). My hope though is in Christ, that “man of sorrows… acquainted with grieve” who also is known as the Prince of Peace! He’s been in the darkest of dark spots. He knows the way out.

Truly, he does.

Can you come with me and sit under the shade of His peaceful protection? What do you have to do to be here? Are you going to take the time to answer these questions, especially if you need to answer these question?

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