A Sure Foundation

Helaman 5:12, see also Isaiah 28:14–17

You must shore up your foundations. You must shore up your spiritual foundations and your temporal foundations.

If or When

It is important for me to realize that the word that is used in Helaman is not “if”. It’s not if the devil will send forth his mighty winds and hail and storms, it is a matter of “when”. He will send forth his mighty strong winds. This hail is so damaging that it will cause you to question everything that you believe if you are not fastened to Christ. No, it is so powerful, these winds and storms that if you are not riveted to Christ, you will change what you believe based on your experiences in the storm. It will change you, cause you to believe lies and falsehoods, things that are not true, as being the only “logical” explanation for our sufferings.

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