Preparations for Animation School

It was impressed upon me last evening (11 May 2022) that I was not in a place that I was prepared to attend Animation School successfully.

What is needed for me to successfully attend and give my attentions to animation school?

  • Time
    • With me planning to start full-time work, having a house to work on, other family and calling related responsibilities, what would be needed to make time to continue on this course?
    • Each class should properly demand about 10 hours of your week.
    • What does a time regiment look like that allows for schooling?
      • Not running a business.
      • Not working on major home improvement projects.
  • Financial resources
    • What would be the total cost of attending until completion? -$15k to $20k over 4 years. About 20 classes. 5 classes a year, $5k year.
  • Other Considerations
    • Family Relationships.

Goals for Animation School

  • Create Available Time:
    • Remove Business Ownership Obligations?
    • Secure Full-time Employment to raise funds for Home Renovation Requirements?
    • Home Renovations Completed: Bottom to Top, so that it is not a constant point of attention. (I cannot begin to think about attending animation school until the house has been completed.)

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