Mission Statement, Experience with Wayward Children

Alma 42:15-22

¿Qué es el amor? el mundo no entiende que es el amor. Y por alguna razon, hay un industria que se dedica a la mentira de amor, que en verdad es [lust]. A mi hija que no ha comprendido el amor verdadero, y que ha [compromised] su virtud,

(This morning a clash between the divine and my own personal experiences.  A culmination of truth in action and here are my thoughts at the moment.)

What is love? The world doesn’t understand it. There is an industry that seem bent on the perpetuation of the lie that obscures love, and replaces it with lust.

My own daughter has for a season been carried away by the power of this lie, confusing lust for love, compromising all that was sacred, and putting herself on a course of eternal consequences. I’ve wrestled this morning with the idea that one doesn’t know what sin is who doesn’t know the law. Then also how that has been additionally compromised with the challenges of mental disorder/anxiety.

But it doesn’t stop with my daugher, because my oldest son is also caught in the same social trap, being made prey to all those enticements that waste away youth and steer one in the wrong direction.

Here is the issue on a much larger scale however: There is an industry that has hijacked our culture, and is destroying family value. And this is where my fight lies. Why are they capitalizing on a lie? Because it is so pervasively believed.

This is an extremely important social issue, because of what is happening to family, and how generations are being affected by it, and it is in part a result of our entertainments.

Your mission is to define for yourself those principles that are true. To secure all the blessings of the such principles to ensure a stable home environment, and then to reach out as far as your grasp will take you to change the world for the better.

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