Personal Educational Plan

Drafted 26 September 2023

Phase I (Currently)

  • Goal: Prepare for a job with a surveying company, eventually.
  • Connect with local surveyors
  • Self Education:
    • Continue with Thomas Jefferson Texts (Goal?)
    • Continue with Alegbra/Trigonometry course
      • 2 – 3 sections per week. 2-3 per month. 6 Months to complete.
    • Self Education in Surveying.
  • Allocate funding for Certificate Programs:
    • Drafting: $899 up front.
    • Surveying: (cost?)

Phase 2a

  • Start and Complete Drafting Certificate Program online.
  • Continue Studying of Thomas Jefferson

Phase 2b

  • After Drafting Certificate completed, Start and Complete Surveying Program from State Tech in Linn, MO.
  • Start working for surveying company as a surveyor.
  • Branch out into your own business in town, or run for county office.

Phase 3

  • Once you are in place with employment for Surveying.
    • Apply for Civil Engineering Program at Mizzou.

Phase 3a

  • Consider a Political Science online degree (maybe a minor degree)

Phase 4

  • PHD Program at Cornell (?)
    • This seems like the correct path to travel.