Notes from CES Devotional: True Millenials

January 2016 CES Devotional – Pres. Russell M. Nelson

President  Nelson:

  1. Learn your true identity and purpose –  Pray about who you really are.
  2. Expect and Prepare to Accomplish the Impossible – The Lord will ask you to do difficult things.  Best efforts and fervent prayers.  It will become less and less popular to be a latter-day saint.  Keep covenants with increasing precision. The Lord will bless you with strength
  3. Learn how to access the power of heaven – Learn best by asking inspired questions. Make your home a holy place where you can escape the distractions of the world.  Give the Lord a generous portion of your time, and he will multiply the rest.
  4. Follow the prophets – Pres. Kimball invited regional reps to learn Mandarin.  Prophets see ahead. They see the dangers that the adversary will place in our path. You may not like what you hear from the prophets.

Born to be true Millenials. Here to do a remarkable work: prepare the world for the 2nd Coming of the Savior.

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