The Gathering of Scattered Israel

“The Gathering of Scattered Israel,” by Elder Russel M. Nelson, October 2006

There is such a strong spirit about what I am studying this morning. I cannot tell its purpose yet.  As I read about the Lord telling Abraham to get thee out of the land of his father’s inheritance, this resonates deeply and strongly within me. This is much more to learn here.

Thinking more on Ephraim and the covenants promised to his house. The fulfillment of the Abrahamic covenant would not be realized until our day. The Book of Mormon is what teaching about the fulfillment of the Abrahamic covenant.

3 Nephi 29:3, “ye need not imagine in your hearts that the words which have been spoken are vain, for behold, the Lord will remember his covenant which he hath made”

In 3 Nephi 20:29-34, it talk about the restoration of the house of Israel.  An evidence of their restoration will be their conversion to the Gospel of Christ, and particularly in the manner of their prayers: “and shall pray unto the Father in my name.”

It seems to me as I consider it this morning, that in their prayers will be revealed a key to their restoration.

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