General Conference, Oct 2022

Saturday Morning:

President Oaks – caring for the poor.

Sister Browning- quoting Pres. Nelson, nothing brings the spirit more strongly than focus on Jesus Christ.

Listening to Elders Pino and Montoya, feeling peaceful reassurance in the Gospel of Christ. The Spirit often felt in my mission, that I am now realizing that I did feel frequently on my mission.

Sunday Morning

Jeffery Holland – Bearing our personal crosses, including mental illness.

RS 1st Cnslr – a desire for love and be slowly realized can be like a tree that will eventually bring for delicious fruit abundantly.

Elder Gong offers two stories of families being healed in family history work.

The savior helps us heal our relationships with others .

Elder Sitati – Discipleship at home is the true crucible that becomes the foundation of everything else.

Bednar – Parables, and the parable of the rich king’s marriage feast.

Zion must arise and put on her beautiful garments.

What does it mean to overcome the world? Resistance to sin will increase. Growing to love God and His Son more than anything else.

How to overcome the world?

Great quote from Pres. Benson.

Sunday Afternoon:

Eyeing: Ordinary people can attain such divine attributes. Christ would be the perfect example to emulate.

Study the many names of Jesus. What do these names mean to me?

Add the daily Holy habits of service to others. (This is something that can start in our home.)

Elder Eddy – drink deeply directly from the source.

Elder Stevenson – 5 points of I need to strengthen my testimony of Joseph Smith’s prophetic call.

Ask the Lord how to hear him better.

Quinten L. Cook – Testimony of Jesus Christ and this work. Alma’s concern was to his own children.

Bridle your passions that you may be filled with love.

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