Teaching in the Savior’s Way: Introduction

Notes from study of the Teaching in the Savior’s Way manual:

Question: What does teaching in the Savior’s Way mean to you?

How familiar am I with the way in which the Savior taught? I must know how he taught to be able to emulate this form of teaching.

Was the Savior’s way of teaching separate from who He was?  Or was being a teacher a part of who He is?  Who the Savior was, and the example that resulted from who He was, was how He taught. This is what made Him a teacher.

The Savior:

  • was full of love.
  • sought and obeyed his father’s will.
  • was completely committed to His sacred mission
  • gave His followers responsibilities that strengthened their faith.
  • loved the scriptures and used them to teach and testify of his mission.


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