The Purpose of the Church

The purpose of the Church of Jesus Christ is to serve as a vehicle for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without the teachings of the Gospel of Christ being applied in the lives of the members of the Church, the Church has no purpose. It becomes a mere social organization.

We could also say that the Church of Jesus Christ only works for those who are following the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.  For those who are honest, they will find honesty among the members. For those who are forgiving, they will find forgiveness.  For those who are willing to repent, they will find priesthood power and authority to complete the cleansing process, and to recommit by covenant to follow the Savior and his teachings.

The Church is a perfect vehicle for living the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It will give you opportunities to develop your faith,  give service freely, and ultimately obtain salvation.

Yet as divinely designed as it is, the Church doesn’t seem to work for everyone.  In fact, the effect that it has upon some people is so offensive that it repels them from wanting to have any part with its organization as a whole or its individual members.  For example, for those who lie, they will think that they are being lied to in the Church. For those who are hypocritical, they will encounter what they deem to be hypocrisy in the Church. Adulterers would seek for signs.  What ever the unrighteousness, they will be affected by it.  By and by, they are offended and they leave the Church.

For those who would cleave to  and persist in their own pride and selfishness, the Church will always be to them a thing of great offense, a stumbling block that just seems to keep getting in the way of their fun. It will never work for them.  Yet there are those who, clinging to their selfish sense of self, will try to continue to be associated with the Church and its members. These are socialites.  That is, these are people  “who [are] well known in fashionable society and [are] fond of social activities and entertainment.”

Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not suggesting that the Church should exclude anyone from participating in its activities and programs. But those who are not truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and try to participate in the church for some other reason, will eventually find themselves offended because of something somebody said or something somebody did.  The social, intellectual, or emotional  appeal will wear off. Their own lack of spiritual preparations at that point will become painfully apparent as it leaves them empty with nothing to hold on to.

“Mormonism,” as true Christianity, “subdues selfishness, regulates the passions, subordinates the appetites, quickens the intellect, exalts the affections. It promotes industry, honesty, truth, purity, kindness. It humbles the proud, exalts the lowly, upholds the law, favors liberty, is essential to it, and would unite men in one great brotherhood.” (Quoted by Pres. David O. McKay, Conference Report, Apr. 1927, 105.)



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