Spiritual Priorities

We are entering another period of transition in our family, and while the obvious tendency would be to focus on the transitions and even boast of the blessings that will result, I’ve felt in a reproving Spirit remind me that there are other priorities that should be my focus (not that I need to stop or pull away from the superficial, as they will help to facilitate the priorities that are more important).

Priority #1 is the spiritual development of my children. I’m coming to realize that I have much more to do with this than I have given attention to, both in assisting in the Church-produced activities and programs, but also in attending to my own parental duties to my children. Next to my wife’s well being, this is my most important matter before me.

Priority #2 focus on work projects, not the home or sustainability items. There is a specific mission for me to accomplish with my animations and filmmaking pursuits that should be a priority over home projects. Not that home projects don’t have their place, but all things in their proper place. This is primarily for during the working hours of the day. This is not nearly as high a priority though as #1.

Our covenants are at the heart of all that we do, and if they are a central part of our worship experience, it goes that priesthood authority must be legitimate. It must come from the proper channel and from those authorized to administer it as such. Because of our covenants we are given the power to do. Christ’s ministry started with the covenant of baptism. He ended his ministry by giving us the covenant of the sacrament. The power in that weekly¬† covenant is at the very heart of our discipleship and our ability to prepare to return back to God.

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